Islamabad, Pakistan’s fastest-growing real estate market project, starts development

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February 20, 2024
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Islamabad is a densely populated city with an almost 2.84% yearly growth ratio. The population residing here essentially belongs to the sustainable class, which pursues a greater interest in buying or selling property in Islamabad. However, on the other hand, the developers of the nation are making great contributions in delivering top-notch projects that not only sustain a promising future but also provide a luxurious life. To name one, the APCO officially announced a brand new project after the history of delivering remarkable projects in the past year, Park One, Islamabad. This seventeen-floor project is CDA-approved and has become the centre of attention for those hunting for a secure yet profitable source of real estate investment.

Park One Islamabad – Unfolding Details

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Check out the highlights that justify the contribution of Park-One Islamabad to Islamabad’s fastest-growing real estate.

Park One Structure

With its imposing construction rising seventeen stories above the city, Park One symbolises modernism in Islamabad, offering a massive revolution in urban living. This multi-use facility, which covers 117,500 square feet, or 11,750 square yards, epitomises elegance and adaptability. Modern apartments and penthouses are housed alongside a world-class shopping centre and commercial district within this architectural masterpiece. Park One meets various needs, from three basement floors devoted to plenty of parking to the lively Lower Ground and Ground Floors with many brands. With features like a movie theatre, fitness centre, spa, and pool, it redefines living in luxury and enjoying leisure activities.

Park One Bedrooms, Shops, sizes and prices


2 Bed Apartments: Measuring between 2,154 and 2,256 square feet, these comfortable and roomy apartments provide the ideal balance of design and comfort. The price range is 8.18 to 8.57 crore PKR. At 2,310 square feet, corner flats cost PKR 9.24 crore.

3 Bed Apartments: Measuring between 2,102 and 3,153 square feet, these adaptable living areas can accommodate a range of requirements. The range of prices is PKR 7.98 to 11.98 Crore. At PKR 11.85 Crore, corner flats offer 2,822 square feet of living space.

4 Bed Apartments: These expansive residences cover 4,298 square feet, offering ample space for luxurious living, priced at PKR 16.33 Crore.


1st Floor Shops: With sizes ranging from 314 to 3,174 square feet, these commercial spaces on the first floor offer a lucrative opportunity for business ventures. Prices vary from PKR 5.65 to 57.71 Crore.

Park One Islamabad Nearby location

Park One in Islamabad is a prime residential and business destination because of its advantageous location close to several notable monuments. Located directly across from the charming F-9 Park, residents can enjoy nearby recreational opportunities and a beautiful natural environment. The Defense Complex delivers a feeling of security and prestige, and the PAF Hospital is close by and allows easy access to medical care. The HUNERKADA College of Visual and Performing Arts further enhances the local culture. Park One guarantees connectivity and convenience for both locals and visitors with its convenient location near Zero Point and the Islamabad International Airport and easy access to important highways such as the Kashmir Highway.

NOC & Development Status

Expanded at 1.5 million square feet, Park One Islamabad is a monument to the careful planning and design of seasoned developers. It is an excellent example of a commitment to quality and compliance, bearing the mark of approval from the Capital Development Authority. The project is a promising long-term investment in urban development, led by seasoned specialists known for their prior successes in the Twin Cities. Even though Park One is a large project, development work on it is already noteworthy, with around 10% of the planned project finished. This consistent progress highlights the commitment to creating an integrated, world-class residential and business area that perfectly captures the elegance and modernity of Islamabad’s surroundings.

Why do you need to invest in Islamabad’s fastest-growing real estate projects?

Purchasing real estate in the fastest-growing projects in Islamabad is an appealing option for several reasons.

High Demand: Islamabad’s real estate market is seeing a boom in demand for residential and commercial properties due to the city’s expanding population, which is expected to reach 2.5 million by 2025.

High Returns: Compared to other Pakistani cities, Islamabad’s real estate market offers enticing returns on investment. According to data, there has been a notable increase in property values; between January 2022 and January 2023, home prices increased by 9% and flat prices by 11%.

High Quality: The building, design, and amenities sectors of the real estate industry in Islamabad are held to a high standard. Development efforts are governed by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and are subject to strict quality requirements. To improve living conditions, reputable developers incorporate contemporary elements like innovative technology, security systems, and green areas.


Investing in Islamabad’s real estate market guarantees access to reasonable living standards and facilities, supported by a stable and safe environment and a diversified cultural landscape, and taking advantage of the market’s strong demand and potential returns. With investment in Park One Islamabad apartments or shops, you can be sure of your future with higher ROI, greater profitability and a coveted lifestyle.

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